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The Talmud Torah "Toldoth Yakov Yosef" was established in Jerusalem in the year of 5760, by the Skverer Chassidus.

Over 250 students in 11 different classes currently learn in the Talmud Torah.

The educational staff of the Talmud Torah is comprised of prominent educators, school counselors and advisors. These outstanding staff-members lead the tender children on the path of authentic Judaism which was handed down from generation to generation and lay the foundation for the children's future as Torah scholars.

The Torah study in the Talmud Torah is conducted in a unique and advanced method which enables the children to acquire deep and profound understanding of the material. The special system provides the pupils with the tools necessary for achieving productive learning skills and tremendous expertise and knowledge in the taught material, while simultaneously offering them spiritual enrichment that instills in them the values and principals of the institution and strengthen its blessed influence on the children.

The educational institution organizes prayer days at the Western Wall for all its pupils and takes them to see the leading Rabbis of the generation in order to receive their blessing. Additionally, the Talmud Torah arranges spectacular trips to various interesting places so as to fulfill the physical needs of the young students. Moreover, each siyum (completion of learning a tractate) is celebrated in splendor and magnificence to honor and glorify the holy Torah.

The yearn and desire to learn Torah are implanted deep within the hearts of the students and a warm and pleasant Chassidic atmosphere is constantly felt in the institution.



"Toldoth Yakov Yosef"



"Toldoth Yakov Yosef"



"Toldoth Yakov Yosef"



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