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In the Heavenly counterpart to the city of Jerusalem , what we call Yerushalayim Shel Ma'ala , there is a precious pearl of tremendous value and its name is Tiferes Mordecai Shlomo, the Talmud Torah of Ruzhin. For decades this institution of Torah learning has guarded and disseminated the sanctity and splendor of the ancient way of the People Israel.

The Talmud Torah includes nursery schools, pre-schools, classes for grades one through eight, a yeshiva preparatory program and a learning institute. The curriculum follows the route mapped out by the Torah as followed by adherents of the magnificent path of Ruzhin Chassidus.

Founded in 5733-1973, the Talmud Torah was named for the Admor HaRav Mordecai Shlomo of Boyan, zechuso yagen aleinu, one of the gedolei ha'dor of the previous generation. From his home in the United States , HaRav Mordecai Shlomo tz”l had a great role in rehabilitating and re-establishing the Torah world. He replaced the ashes of the Second World War with the splendor of Torah Judaism. His grandson, Maran the Admor of Boyan, shlita , is bringing his legacy forward into the future. As president of Tiferes Mordecai Shlomo, the Admor shlita guides the Talmud Torah at every step.

The Ruzhin Talmud Torah is one of the best and longest established educational institutions in Jerusalem . The level of learning is very high. The carefully chosen teaching staff works conscientiously to ensure that the style of learning and the giving over of values harmonize with the needs and abilities of each student. They pay special attention to the specific considerations needed to relate to each "generation" of students.

For 35 years the Ruzhin Talmud Torah has been characterized by its fresh approaches. The new ideas generated are due to the great efforts made by the teaching staff. Faculty members constantly devise projects and academic challenges designed to encourage the children both in their learning and in their acquisition of good personal traits and derech eretz, true courtesy.

An important feature of Tiferes Mordecai Shlomo is the institute for learning, established to ensure that each child can make progress in his studies. Beginning in nursery school and continuing through the lower grades, each child is carefully assessed by staff members who are leaders in the pedagogic and didactic fields. Any pupil who needs assistance to reach his learning potential receives help according to his individual needs.

As one of the long-established Torah institutions, the Ruzhin Talmud Torah serves as a model for imitation in many spheres. The Talmud Torah was one of the first schools to include progressive didactic tools as aids for learning to read, for understanding the material and for learning arithmetic. The system of blending games that encourage perception and thinking into the regular program of study has brought a new understanding to the task of educating children who have not yet enjoyed academic success.


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